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Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma by MTF Institute

Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma


Welcome to course: Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma by MTF Institute

Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance

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Course topics:

• What is a process. Process optimization cycle

• How to understand needs of process customers and how to

measure them

• How to visualize your process and measure it

• Which steps are adding value and which are waste

• How to perform root cause analysis

• Strategies for process improvement

• Launching continuous improvement

Course Author:

Andrey Seiranyan

Leader in Change management and Process optimization, certified Lean Six Sigma Black belt,

20+ years of experience in multinational FinTech and Market research companies

Course Description:

Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma is a systematic approach to improving business processes, reducing inefficiencies, and enhancing overall operational performance. It combines two powerful methodologies: Lean and Six Sigma.

Lean: Lean principles focus on eliminating waste in processes. Waste can include overproduction, excess inventory, unnecessary waiting times, inefficient transportation, and more. Lean emphasizes streamlining operations and improving flow to reduce non-value-added activities.

Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology that aims to reduce variation and defects in processes. It involves defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling processes (DMAIC), to ensure that products or services consistently meet or exceed customer requirements.

Why learning about Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma is important for experts and companies:

Cost Reduction: Implementing Lean Six Sigma can significantly reduce operational costs by eliminating waste, defects, and inefficiencies. This translates into increased profitability.

Quality Improvement: Six Sigma’s focus on reducing defects ensures higher quality products and services, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Efficiency: Lean principles help in streamlining processes, reducing lead times, and increasing productivity, leading to better resource utilization.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Six Sigma relies on data and statistical analysis to make informed decisions. Experts can identify the root causes of problems and implement effective solutions.

Customer Focus: Both Lean and Six Sigma emphasize delivering value to the customer. This customer-centric approach can help companies retain and expand their customer base.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that adopt Lean Six Sigma can gain a competitive edge by consistently delivering better quality products or services at lower costs.

Waste Reduction: Lean principles address various forms of waste, such as time, materials, and human resources, making operations more environmentally friendly.

Change Management: Implementing Lean Six Sigma requires a culture of continuous improvement, which fosters adaptability and innovation within a company.

How the knowledge area of Business Process Optimization with Lean Six Sigma may support building a career:

In-Demand Skill: Expertise in Lean Six Sigma is highly sought after in various industries. Having this skill set can make you a valuable asset to companies.

Career Advancement: Learning and applying Lean Six Sigma principles can open doors to leadership positions, as you’ll be capable of driving significant improvements within your organization.

Higher Earning Potential: Lean Six Sigma professionals often command higher salaries due to their ability to drive cost savings and process improvements.

Problem-Solving Skills: This knowledge equips you with a structured problem-solving methodology that can be applied in a wide range of situations, making you a versatile professional.

Interdisciplinary Applications: Lean Six Sigma can be applied in various domains, from manufacturing and healthcare to finance and service industries, allowing you to explore different career paths.

Entrepreneurship: Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma can be invaluable if you plan to start your own business, as it helps in optimizing processes, reducing costs, and improving quality.

Networking Opportunities: Joining Lean Six Sigma professional organizations and communities can help you build a valuable network of like-minded individuals and experts in the field.

Lean Six Sigma are powerful approaches to improve business processes, and it is crucial for experts and companies looking to remain competitive, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. Acquiring knowledge in this area can significantly benefit both personal career development and organizational success.

What you’ll learn

  • What is process. Process approach and process optimization cycle
  • Process Diagnostics: process structure, customer needs, main process metrics
  • Getting to know and visualizing the process
  • Concept of value-added activities and waste
  • Performing root cause analysis
  • Lean Framework
  • Six Sigma Framework
  • And more

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