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Step-by-Step Guide to Checking JAMB Admission Status on CAPS

Looking for guide on how to check your JAMB admission status? Relax as we bring you the guide on how to check and accept your admission on JAMB CAPS/Portal.

in this article we will take a look on how to check your admission status on JAMB CAPS. It’s another season for admission into various institutions across Nigeria, and one thing Common about all this schools is that they do forward their admission to JAMB,

If you are a candidate looking for admission into any institution in Nigeria relax as we bring you the guide how to Check your JAMB admission status on CAPS. 


Before we go further let understand what is JAMB CAPS


JAMB CAPS, which stands for “Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System,” is a platform used in Nigeria for the admission process into tertiary institutions. It provides a centralized system for universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education to process and manage admission applications from prospective students. Through JAMB CAPS, applicants can monitor their admission status, accept or reject offers, and institutions can manage the admission process efficiently. It’s a key tool in streamlining the admission process in Nigeria’s educational system

CAPS Allows  Candidates to:

  • Check their admission status
  • Accept or reject admission offers
  • View the list of institutions and programmes they have been offered admission to
  • Upload their credentials (such as O’level results, certificate of origin, etc.)
  • Pay their acceptance fee

CAPS also allows institutions to:

  • Upload their admission lists
  • View the list of candidates who have accepted their admission offers
  • Generate admission letters
  • Monitor the admission process

How to Login to JAMB CAPS with registration Number

In this section we will walk you through on how to get your email and password and Login to JAMB CAPS

To log into CAPS you must have an account with JAMB, if you’ve written JAMB or have registered for DE then you are definitely having an account with JAMB and ready to login to CAPS.

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After Registering for JAMB or DE you’ll be able to use your email address and password to login to your CAPS that is after JAMB result are released,

Before, you can LOGIN to your CAPS right away after JAMB registration however JAMB have changed the procedure you’ll now have to link your email to JAMB so as to be able to access CAPS.

To link your email address to JAMB, go to any CBT centre pay the sum of 500# and tell them you want to link your email to JAMB. Make sure you go along with the email you want to link and before it has never been use in any previous JAMB.

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After you successfully link your email address you’ll get a message from JAMB containing your password that you’ll use to Login to JAMB Portal.


How to Check your Admission status on CAPS

There are two different ways to access your CAPS one is through the CAPS app and secondly through the JAMB portal/efacility. For the this post we will show you how to use JAMB efacility to access your CAPS. It’s more reliable as the CAPS is fond of having issues. 

1. To Check your admission status on JAMB CAPS, first Visit: https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/ (Change your to desktop mode)

JAMB caps login

2. Use the email address Linked to your JAMB portal and the password sent to your email to login.

After a successful login you’ll see a page like the one below.

JAMB portal

3. Now click on the last Icon, the one with ☑️ logo(adminission status)

After you clicked the icon mentioned (the admission status button) you’ll be redirected to a page like the one below

CAPS access area

4. Now Click on the ACCESS CAPS BUTTON as seen above.

After you click on ACCESS CAPS, you’ll be redirected to a page like the one shown below.

CAPS homepage

5. The picture above shows the CAPS home page using efacility.

As seen on the CAPS homepage, you’ll see different options from CAPS.

  • My choice: this simply shows you the course and institution you apply
  • My Olevel: simply shows you your Olevel result(WAEC & NECO) . This is very important check to see if your Olevel is there, if no Olevel display there it’s advisable you visit the nearest CBT centre to upload your Olevel.
  • Admission status: this is where you Check if you are admitted.
  • Marketplace: this show if another institution wants to offer you admission
  • Transfer approval: this shows if your institution want to change the course you apply you’ll have the option to either accept or reject.



How to ACCEPT admission on JAMB CAPS/Portal

If you’ve been admitted and now wants to accept your admission then congratulations below is how to accept your admission on CAPS.

From the pictures shown in number 4 of this article, click on admission status. You’ll be redirected to a page like the one below.

How to accept admission on CAPS

If you’ve been admitted the admission status will change from not admitted to admit and the ACCEPT and Reject admission button will be activated. From there you Click on accept admission 

How to print your JAMB admission letter

To print your admission letter use the image on no 2 of this article and pay for the admission letter before you’ll be able to print it, save it as PDF and print it at any cafe/CBT centre. However to avoid mistake we strongly recommend you go to any CBT centre or cafe to print your JAMB ADMISSION LETTER 

What does admission in progress mean on JAMB CAPS 

Admission in progress” on the JAMB portal essentially means the same meaning as “Admission is being processed” on JAMB CAPS. It indicates that your application for admission to a tertiary institution in Nigeria is currently under review and evaluation by both JAMB and your chosen institution.

This status implies that your application has been received and is actively being considered, but a final decision has not yet been made. The processing time can vary depending on the institution’s procedures and the number of applications they are handling.

While your admission is in progress, it’s recommended to check your JAMB portal or CAPS regularly for updates. You should also ensure that your O’level results have been uploaded to JAMB’s system and that your contact information is accurate.

If your status changes to “Admission offered,” you will be able to accept or reject the offer through JAMB CAPS. If you accept, you will proceed with further admission formalities as instructed by your chosen institution.

Is Admission 100% sure if your JAMB CAPS says admission in progres? If your subject combination is Okay and  your O’level is complete. Your chance of admission is 100% but if you have any issues with Olevel or wrong subject combination it might hinder your admission

Final Thought

This is all about printing checking, accepting and print of JAMB admission. If you have any question or needs some clarification be sure to drop your question in the comment section below, it’s our pleasure to always make sure you get the right info.


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