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Understanding FNB Travel Insurance

Travel can be an exciting adventure, but it also carries risks. Getting the right travel insurance helps protect you financially from unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more that may occur while traveling overseas or domestically.

Understanding FNB Travel Insurance

What is FNB Travel Insurance?

FNB travel insurance is a travel insurance product offered by First National Bank (FNB), one of the largest banks in South Africa. With FNB travel insurance, customers who bank with FNB can purchase affordable travel insurance coverage for both international and domestic trips directly from the bank.

FNB offers two main types of travel insurance policies – single-trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance. Both policies provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation or curtailment, travel delays, baggage delays or loss, and personal liability while traveling. Key benefits include:

  • Medical coverage for illness or injury while traveling abroad
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Trip cancellation or curtailment due to unforeseen reasons
  • Travel delays due to flight issues, bad weather, or strikes
  • Loss or delay of baggage during travel
    • Personal liability protection for accidental injury or property damage
    • 24/7 emergency assistance helpline

    To be eligible for FNB travel insurance, you must be an FNB account holder residing in South Africa. The minimum and maximum age limits are two months old to 75 years old. Policies can be purchased online through the FNB website or mobile banking app or by visiting any FNB branch.

    Single Trip vs Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    FNB offers two main types of travel insurance policies – single-trip travel insurance and annual multi-trip travel insurance. Let’s explore the key differences:

    Single Trip Travel Insurance

    • Covers one single trip abroad (or within South Africa) lasting up to 90 days
    • The policy period is the duration of the covered trip only
    • A more affordable option for shorter individual trips
    • Must be purchased at least 48 hours before departure date

    Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    • Covers multiple trips within a 12-month period for individual trips up to 45 days in duration
    • Good option for frequent travelers or those taking multiple trips in a year
    • The policy remains valid for 12 months from the purchase date for all trips taken within that period.
    • No minimum trip duration is required
    • Slightly more expensive than a single trip policy

    The main benefits of annual multi-trip insurance are the convenience of one policy covering all trips within a year and no deadline to purchase before each trip. However, single-trip insurance may be more cost-effective for those taking only one trip.

    Key Coverage Sections of FNB Travel Insurance

    Now let’s look at some of the main coverage sections provided under FNB travel policies in more detail:

    Medical Expenses

    It covers the costs of medical treatment abroad or in South Africa if travel is domestic for illness or injury occurring during the trip. This includes hospitalization, doctor/specialist fees, and prescribed medication. Maximum cover is up to R5,000,000 per insured person. Pre-existing medical conditions may have restricted coverage.

    Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

    Provides evacuation or transport back to South Africa for medical treatment if deemed critical and recommended by the appointed medical practitioner and insurance emergency assistance provider. This could be done by air ambulance or other appropriate means of transport.

    Cancellation or Curtailment

    Covers irrecoverable pre-paid travel and accommodation costs if a trip needs to be canceled or cut short due to contingencies like death or severe illness of you or a close relative, complications of pregnancy, redundancy, natural disasters, etc. Maximum coverage is up to R7,500 per person.

    Travel Delay

    Compensation is paid if a trip is delayed due to reasons outside your control, like flight delays/cancellations, strikes, or bad weather. Up to R3,500 cover per delay and a maximum of R7,000 in total. The delay must be over 6 hours to qualify.

    Lost/Delayed Baggage

    If the baggage is permanently lost or delayed by the airline, compensation is paid towards a replacement of clothes and toiletries. The limit is R5,000 per insured, with R1,000 for any single item. The delay must be over 6 hours.

    Personal Liability

    Covers legal liability and costs relating to accidental death or injury to others or accidental loss or damage to third-party property during the trip. Maximum cover is R3,000,000 per policy.

    These are some of the key risk areas covered by FNB travel insurance. Premium amounts depend on plan type, policy limits, total trip duration and age of insured persons.

    Claims Process for FNB Travel Insurance

    Having insurance is only beneficial if claims can be easily filed and settled in times of need while traveling. Here are the basic steps to follow for a smooth claims process under an FNB travel insurance policy:

    • Contact the emergency assistance provider, Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC), on their 24/7 helpline as soon as possible in case of an emergency or claim event
    • For medical claims, get the required treatment and provide all original medical bills and reports
    • For other claims like travel delays, cancellations, or baggage loss – provide proof like receipts, reports, cancellation invoices, or baggage tags/irregularity reports.
    • Submit claim forms available on the TIC website along with supporting documents within 30 days of the incident
    • Claims will be reviewed and reimbursed directly into the FNB bank account linked to the policy.
    • If needed, TIC will assist with liaison and representation with foreign hospitals and providers as part of their global emergency network.

    Proper documentation is important to substantiate any claims. In emergencies, TIC will coordinate evacuation, hospital admission, and settlements on behalf of insured members. Most routine claims take up to 30 days to process from submission of complete papers.

    Premium Costs for FNB Travel Insurance

    Let’s delve deeper into understanding the premium costs for FNB travel insurance policies:

    • Rates are calculated based on the plan type, policy limits, number of insured travelers, total trip duration, and ages of travelers
    • Single-trip insurance premiums start from approximately R150 for domestic travel and around R250 for international trips
    • For example, a 30-day Europe trip for a couple aged 45 would cost around R850-R950 total for both
    • Annual multi-trip premiums range from R600 to R2,000, typically depending on ages and plan options chosen
    • Discounts are available for FNB package account holders and banked or linked beneficiary accounts
    • Premiums can be paid by EFT, credit card, or deducted from the linked FNB bank account
      • There are no additional administration or service fees on plans purchased through FNB

      Overall, FNB travel insurance premiums provide good value for the comprehensive coverage offered at affordable rates for South African residents. Rates are competitive compared to stand-alone travel insurance providers as well.

      How to Purchase FNB Travel Insurance

      Purchasing FNB travel insurance is simple and can be done via several convenient options:


      • Visit the FNB Travel Insurance website or log into your FNB online/mobile banking account.
      • Select a single trip or annual multi-trip plan as needed and enter trip details.
      • Pay premium securely online using a linked debit/credit card or the bank account.
      • Online policy documents are issued immediately after the purchase

      FNB Mobile App

      • Login to the FNB banking app and go to ‘Insure’ section
      • Swipe through screens to select a plan, enter traveler info and trip dates
      • Pay using linked payment methods, get a receipt, and take policy on the go

      Contact Center

      • Call the FNB travel insurance contact number to discuss options over the phone.
      • Provide payment details, and the policy will be issued and posted/emailed

      Branch Visit

      • Walk into any FNB branch and speak to an agent to buy a policy in person
      • Payment can be cash, EFT, or card, depending on the branch

      FNB ensures a quick, secure, and hassle-free process to get insured within minutes. Policy documents act as proof of coverage when traveling. Be sure to purchase in good time before departure dates.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      This section answers some common questions customers may have about FNB travel insurance:

      Is a medical exam required to buy travel insurance?

      No, FNB travel insurance doesn’t require any medical tests or examinations. You only need to disclose any pre-existing health conditions as per the proposal form.

      What is the maximum age insured?

      The maximum entry age for travel insurance through FNB is 75 years. Special terms may apply for senior travelers above 65 years.

      Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

      Pre-existing illnesses are generally covered unless specifically excluded. You must declare all pre-existing conditions and get relevant coverage agreed upon in writing from the insurer.

      What is the policy excess payable on claims?

      FNB travel insurance policies have a minimum deductible or excess of R500 that is payable by the insured person on each claim made under the policy.


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