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How to Link your Email to JAMB Portal

Learn how to link your email to JAMB and get your E-facility login details in this step-by-step guide. (2023)

After the conclusion of JAMB  UTME, many candidates who wish to perform one activity or the other on the JAMB e-facility portal have been unable to login to because they do not have their login details. this is due to the fact some things have been changed by JAMB.

Candidate’s email address is no longer linked automatically during the JAMB UTME registration.

To log in to the JAMB portal, candidates will be required to provide their email addresses which must have been linked to the JAMB portal. However, many candidates do not have their email addresses linked to the JAMB portal because JAMB banned the use of email addresses during JAMB registration. This is to ensure that fraudsters do not end up stealing candidates’ email addresses and use them to perpetrate fraud.

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Be that as it may, JAMB has equally provided official means for candidates to link their email addresses to their JAMB profile and get their login details to access the JAMB portal. We are going to provide you with the steps here.

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Steps how to Link your email to JAMB Profile

1. Send Email (space) ‘your email’ (space) ‘your email’ to 55019 or 60019 as an SMS

(Note: it should be with the Sim card you used for registration and you should have up to N50 airtime)

2. After sending the SMS, you will receive an email from JAMB containing your login details.

In case a candidate loses his or her password, such a candidate can reset lost or forgotten Profile Password on their registered cell phone by sending [password] space [email address] from the same mobile number as a text message to 55019 or 66019

The above procedure is how a candidate can successfully obtain his/her login details for the JAMB E-facility Portal.

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How to link your email to JAMB Profile/Portal 2023

JAMB have discontinued the use of text Message to Link your email to JAMB portal/profile, If you want to link your email, you’ll have to visit any CBT centre and tell them you want to link your email address to JAMB.

Make sure you create a new email before going to the CBT centre. You’ll be charge 500# that might vary depending on your Location.

If your email is successfully linked you’ll receive an email from JAMB containing your password that you’ll use to login to your CAPS.

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How to login to your JAMB portal

After linking your email to JAMB portal the next thing you’ll want to do is to login to your JAMB profile. But how do you do that?

If you successfully link your email to the portal as guide you. A link will be sent to the email address containing the password to login to your JAMB portal.

The JAMB portal allow you to print your original JAMB result, Check and accept your admission status and many More.

If you Check your email after linking the email to your JAMB portal/profile but you didn’t find any message just know that the email wasn’t successfully linked and the best option at that moment will be for you to visit the JAMB centre and tell them you want to link your email to JAMB portal and they’ll help you with that.

We hope the guide help you on how to link your email to JAMB profile

Final Thought

if you have any questions regarding, your JAMB portal be sure to drop them in the comment section below as we try our best to answer you.


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