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How to Request a Transcript Certificate from a Nigerian University

Comprehensive Guide: Obtaining Your University Certificate Transcript in Nigeria – Online and Offline Methods, Procedures for Every University!

This guide also shows you how to obtain your university certificate in both hardcopy or E-copy( Electronic copy)

Before we continue with the process of obtaining a certificate transcript, let’s first tell you what a transcript is and its uses.

What is a certificate Transcript?

A transcript certificate, also known as an academic transcript, is an official document that lists all of the courses you have taken at a particular university, along with the grades you received. Transcripts are often required for graduate school applications, job applications, and other academic purposes.


Is a Certificate Transcript the Same as a Degree Certificate?

A certificate transcript is different from a degree certificate. A degree certificate is a formal document that confirms that you have completed a particular degree program. A certificate transcript, on the other hand, provides a detailed record of your academic performance in all of the courses you have taken.

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Certificate transcripts typically include the following information:

  • Your name and student ID number
  • The name of the university
  • The dates you attended the university
  • The courses you took, along with the grades you received
  • Your cumulative GPA
  • Any academic honors or awards you received

Uses of a Certificate Transcript

Transcripts are usually issued by the academic records office at your university. You can request a transcript online, by phone, or in person. There is usually a fee associated with requesting a transcript.

Certificate transcripts can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Applying to graduate school
  • Applying for jobs
  • Obtaining a professional license
  • Transferring to another university
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Applying for student visas


How to Obtain a University Transcript in Nigeria

To obtain a university transcript in Nigeria, you typically need to follow a specific process, which may vary from one university to another. Here is a general step-by-step guide on how to obtain a university transcript:

1. Contact Your University’s Transcript Office:
Begin by reaching out to your university’s transcript office. You can usually find their contact information on the university’s official website or by visiting the university’s administrative offices in person.

2. Request an Application Form:

Request an application form for a transcript from the transcript office. This form may also be available for download on the university’s website.

3. Fill Out the Application Form:

Complete the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. You will typically need to provide details such as your full name, student ID number, contact information, the program you were enrolled in, the number of copies you require, and the destination(s) where you want the transcript to be sent.

4. Pay the Transcript Fee:

Universities in Nigeria often charge a fee for transcript processing. Ensure you pay the required fee, which may vary depending on the university’s policies.

5. Submit the Application:

Return the completed application form and proof of payment to the transcript office. Some universities may also allow you to submit the application online through their student portal.

6. Wait for Processing:

The university’s transcript office will process your request. This may take some time, so be patient. Processing times can vary, but it’s a good idea to inquire about the expected timeline when you submit your application.

7. Collect or Receive the Transcript:

Once your transcript is ready, you can typically pick it up in person from the university’s transcript office or request it to be sent to the destination(s) you specified on your application form. If you choose to have it sent to another institution, provide the address and contact details.

8. Verify the Transcript:

Before sending your transcript to a third party (e.g., a potential employer or another educational institution), it’s a good practice to review the transcript for accuracy to ensure all the necessary information is included.

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How to Obtain University Certificate Transcript Online

Nigerian universities are making things more easily and accessible, and most universities have made it possible to obtain your certificate transcript from anywhere online.


Steps to Obtain Certificate Transcript Online in Nigeria

  1. Go to the website of your university’s academic records office. if you don’t know the website address simply scroll down to the bottom of this article we provide the transcript portal for some universities in Nigeria or go to Google type your university name and add a transcript, e.g. “ABU certificate transcript”. you’ll see search results containing your university transcript address.
  2. Find the section on requesting transcripts.
  3. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  4. Complete the transcript request form.
  5. Pay the transcript processing fee (if applicable).
  6. Select how you want to receive your transcript (electronically or by mail).
  7. Submit your request.
  8. Once you have submitted your request, your transcript will be processed and sent to you within a few days or weeks, depending on your university

E-Transcript ( Electronic Transcript)

An e-transcript, also known as an electronic transcript, is a digital copy of your academic transcript. It is typically in a PDF format and can be sent electronically to recipients, such as graduate schools, employers, or other organizations.


E-transcripts are becoming increasingly popular because they are more convenient and efficient than traditional paper transcripts. They can be sent and received instantly, and they are less likely to be lost or damaged.

The good news is most Nigerian universities now offer E-transcript, so if you want something you can easily transfer via email or electronic means then be rest assured you have no problem.

Transcript Request portal for some universities in Nigeria 

Transcript Request portal for some universities in Nigeria are Provided Below

ABU Transcript Portal

UNILAG Transcript Portal 

University of Ibadan Transcript Portal 

UNIBEN Transcript Portal 

LASU Transcript Portal 

Final Thought

The process for obtaining a certificate for various universities may vary, if you have any specific questions regarding how to request for your university certificate transcript in Nigeria kindly let us know in the comment section below.


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