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[100% OFF] Standout Social Media Graphics in Canva: 200 Templates Incl.

Take Your Brand From Underwhelming to Wow With High-Conversion Social Media Graphics (Over 200 Pro Templates included)

Standout Social Media Graphics in Canva: 200 Templates Incl.



… it all starts with your graphics.

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube that made something look sooo easy, but then when you sat down to actually do the project you immediately felt stuck?

I know that I have!

Branding is more than just picking a few colors, a handful of fonts, and posting photos.

But if figuring out where to begin isn’t tough enough, knowing where to go after is even harder.

Seriously, sometimes just opening Canva can be overwhelming.

And that’s where a lot of graphic design courses drop the ball. Sure, showing you the theory is great. But it’s one thing to learn the theory and it’s a whole different thing to feel empowered to take confident action.

This course is different from the average Canva or design course because I include 224 templates that I designed myself to give you a running start. Like the look of the templates already? Simply drop in your business info to have a professionally designed graphic that’s ready to go. That will take you mere minutes.

Want to go further with customizing the templates? No problem. Watch the included Canva tutorials to learn everything you need to know for designing your own social media marketing materials. You will develop all the skills you need to quickly and confidently design everything you need for your business both today and in the future.

The thing that many people overlook in branding is the importance of consistency. Using the free Canva templates is fine, but hundreds of thousands of people are already using them AND the free templates don’t come in sets.

What do I mean by sets? You might find an Instagram template you like in Canva, but there won’t be a Pinterest template that matches that same look and feel. You would have to create one from scratch to match.

That’s why I included branded template sets that contain everything you need for marketing your business in 2022. Each of the seven template sets includes:

  • Powerpoint Slide Templates
  • ​Instagram Story Templates
  • ​Instagram/Facebook Square Feed Templates
  • Pinterest Pin Templates
  • ​Facebook Group Cover Templates
  • ​eBook Cover Templates
  • Email Header Templates
  • ​LinkedIn Cover Templates

Use these templates to…

  • Create branded webinars and online presentations…
  • ​Grow your Instagram following with shareable branding…
  • ​Send branded emails and stick out in your client’s inbox
  • ​Stand out on LinkedIn with headers designed to send a clear message of how you help…

Best of all, no previous design skill is required.

By the end of this course, you will have developed a complete brand guide for your business plus multiple graphic assets for marketing your business across social media.

Is there something missing that you would love to see added? Let me know! I’m always open to improving and expanding the course content and included templates.

I can’t wait to see what you design. See you on the inside.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a cohesive brand appearance across multiple social media channels
  • Quickly & easily create graphics that stand out on crowded social feeds
  • Design marketing materials for your brand for use on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Powerpoint, LinkedIn, Email marketing, and more
  • Master all the Canva skills you need to design high conversion graphics for your brand and business both today and in the future

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